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Good Health is Good Wealth

Good Health is Good Wealth

There have been so many wonderful breakthroughs in the growth and development of RESET. I am glad to share some of the things that have been pressing for my colleagues and I. We are working very hard to collaborate with one another to discuss topics that are most important to our community.


A recent discussion that took place was about the lack of investment in personal health and wellness tools using a holistic health approach. It’s not very often you hear about the financial value of being in good health. There is however, constant discussion regarding the extreme costs of health care and the inevitable end we will all reach due to some sort of disease or tragedy. None-the-less my take on this subject is that many of us are conditioned to invest in a financially stable future without much regard to a future that is full of stable health and wellness state. There is no magic cure or bullet for avoiding the aging process and the many complications that come along with growing old, however there is a uniquely individual combination of health and wellness practices that can slow down aging and actually prevent some age related issues.


When we invest in our health and wellbeing today, we allow ourselves the opportunity to truly enjoy our financial investments as we move into various life stages, adventures and eventually retirement. With the cost of healthcare being continuously on the rise, there are many individuals that have spent a majority, if not, all of their retirement/savings/investments on paying for health care services which happen to be creating a vicious cycle of masking symptoms with drugs that create more problems. The added financial stress of treating chronic, preventable illnesses can be virtually eliminated when proactive citizens understand the value of putting into action preventive care plans TODAY! To include lifestyle changes in nutritional and physical lifestyles and managing stress to create a stable internal environment for cells to grow, repair and protect the body from the inside out. Simple changes can make the world of difference to the way in which your quality of life can me improved for a more prosperous enjoyable journey. It doesn’t make sense to work hard to build a life for yourself and loved ones, only to have it swept from underneath you in the blink of an eye due to lack of regard for your own wellbeing, and have your family financially burdened with medical expenses due to a illness that could have possibly been avoided by making changes to prevent an abundance of chronic illness and disease.


Food For lIfe

Prevention is the best cure. It isn’t always enough to simply know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, or to know the steps for health behavior changes. Information dissemination only gets us so far. Prevention works much like acceleration, it moves along a continuum. If you stand still and do nothing to change the way in which you invest in your health something will eventually catch up with you and an interaction is bound to happen. A combination of elements, be it the environment internally or externally, will collide and the result usually is not a positive one. Or you can put action behind the things you know, applying what you know to move about the continuum to prevent certain things from happening. Making smalls adjustments and moving towards preventing as many adverse health conditions as possible. Slowing down when your body needs a rest and kicking into gear to relieve static stress and bring about a new sense of self and energy.

Investing in yourself is an investment in your wealth. Assessments and consultations allow for one to delve deeper to the matter of their health and wellness from a holistic standpoint. Working with a life coach or a holistic health professional allows for accountability to ensure success of various goals as they relate to an improved quality of life.


RESET Today For A Better Tomorrow!

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