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All Things are Working for My Good!

All Things are Working for My Good!


Amongst the things that supply my life with purpose is seeing the success of others. More specifically the success of those I have worked with directly to achieve an array of goals. I have come to appreciate the satisfying reward of helping others become the best versions of themselves. With big ambitions of making a tremendous impact in the allied and public health profession I have embraced and put into practice my philosophy that exceptional leadership skills is about investing in people. I once was asked ” What does it mean to be a leader?”. After some time of meditating on the question I came to this conclusion:


A good leader values the success of others just as much as their own, if not more. Good, effective leadership goes beyond delegation and being an example for others to follow. It comes down to the unconditional investment in people by providing uniquely tailored tools that helps them use their gifts, skills, talents and potential. Sometimes it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a boat full. There is something amazing that happens when a person is able to receive one-on-one guidance in the midst of achieving something great. The commitment to provide that intimate experience for success is a key component to the mission of enhancing the home health wheel. Furthermore success is about having a relentless desire to excel. Overcoming barriers is always easier said than done because the process requires change and sacrifice. However, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. Showing others how to look above and beyond those obstacles takes a supernatural gift of compassion and patience in showing them that all things are working for their good. Ultimately, to be a great leader in the health and wellness industry I need you to succeed.


The old saying ” you can lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink it” often rings in my head when I am designing programs for clients. I don’t let the statement discourage me, but I use it to fuel my passion for creating techniques that people will want to follow. I may not be able to make you drink the water, but I want to create an experience that will make it so you want, need, have to drink the water. There is an abundance of informational tools that tell people what to do, and how to do things but they don’t create the unique motivation that people desire to move forward with their goals. As I take the steps in building the foundation for my health and wellness program, I believe in 5 principles to implement on the journey to the “water” so that by the time we get to it, the only thing we want to do is drink it. The five concepts are built around actions to Believe, Receive, Claim, Love and ultimately Do. There is a unique experience that occurs when these ideas are connected to a persons potential and the success of their goals. There are lots of ways to get people to the water, but why aren’t there just as many ways to create a desire for them to actually drink it. And getting them to drink, now that is real leadership that leads to real success.


The journey to the water may be difficult, but all those things are working for our good.

Success Is What You Define It To Be

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